2nd International Conference on Bioresources, Energy, Environment, and Materials Technology Technology Nexus for the Resonance of Nature and Humans June 10(sun) - 12(tue), 2018 Daemyung Resort, Hongcheon, Gangwon Province, Korea

Important Dates

  • FEB. 20 2018 Abstract Submission Deadline
  • MAR. 15 2018 Abstract Acceptance Notifications
  • MAR. 31 2018 Early Registration Deadline


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  • Scott Bradford US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service USA Editor-in-Chief, Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology Farm-Scale Contaminant Loads from Dairy Wastes and Biochar Under Nutrient Management Plan Conditions
  • Marco J. Castaldi City College, City University of New York USA Director, WTERT Global Status and Future Prospects of WTE
  • Euiso Choi Korea University Korea Director, Innovative Water Center
    Emeritus Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Korea University
    The fecal sludge: Past and experiences and current approaches in search of sustainable solution
  • Jacob de Boer Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam The Netherlands Co-Editor-in-Chief, Chemosphere PAHs and Other Contaminants in Rubber Granulate from Car Tires Used on Soccer Pitches
  • Deirdre Dunne Elsevier The Netherlands Senior Publisher, Elsevier How to Write a Great Research Paper, and Get Published in a Top Journal
  • Thomas Foust National Renewable Energy Laboratory USA The Future of Sustainable Bioenergy
  • In Kim Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Korea President, Korea Desalination Plant Association Membrane-based Water Desalination : H20 minus CO2
  • CheMyong J. Ko University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA Prenatal Exposure to DEHP Leads to Premature Reproductive Senescence in the Future Generations
  • William Mitch Stanford University USA B.A., Harvard University (Summa Cum Laude), Anthropology (Archaeology)
    M.S.,Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Use of Black Carbon to Capture and Destroy Pesticides by Electrolytic Reduction
  • Ashok Pandey CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research India Editor-in-Chief, Bioresource Technology Biomass to Biofuels: Production of Liquid Biofuels from Agro-industrial Residues
  • John B Parise Stony Brook University USA Screening for Porous Solids Suitable for Selective Gas Capture and Storage Using Combinations of DSC-XRD
  • Hang Sik Shin KAIST Korea Editor, Water Research On Anaerobic Digestion
  • Changmo Sung UNFCCC / Green School, Korea University Korea Development of Low-Carbon Energy and Environment Technologies under the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism
  • Ming-Hung Wong The Education University of Hong Kong Hong Kong, China Honorary Chair, BEEM 2018
    Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Geochemistry and Health
    Food Waste as Food, Feed, Fertilizer and Fuel- with a Focus on Fish Feed
  • Diana Aga University at Buffalo, The State University of New York USA Editor, Journal of Hazardous Materials Occurrence, Fate, and Mitigation of Antibiotics and Antibiotics Resistance in the Environment
  • Gregory Biging University of California, Berkeley USA Spectral indices to identify ozone-damaged pine needles in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California
  • Nanthi Bolan University of Newcastle Australia Co-Chair, International Scientific Committee Beneficial Utilization of Solid Waste for Sustainable Agricultural Production and Environmental Protection
  • Kartik Chandran Columbia University USA Professor and Director, CUBES Program, Columbia University Engineered Platforms for Resource Recovery from Organics
  • Scott Chang University of Alberta Canada Editor for Special Issues, Canadian Journal of Soil Science Editorial Board Member, Biology and Fertility of Soils and Pedosphere Honorary Editor: Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture Optimizing Biochar Properties for Contaminant Removal from Waste Water
  • Saikat Chowdhury Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka Bangladesh Assessing the Effect of Carbon and Nitrogen Discharge from Livestock Mortalities on Nitrogen Dynamics in Soil
  • Akash Deep CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation India Enzyme Immobilized Porous Structures for Degradation and Sensing of Pesticides
  • Gary A. Flory Virginia Department of Environmental Quality USA Evolution of Composting from a Novelty to a Leading Carcass Disposal Method and the Role of Aboveground Burial during Future Animal Disease Outbreaks
  • Seong Ok Han Korea Institute of Energy Research Korea Utilization of Biomass Wastes as Energy Materials
  • Zeng-Yei Hseu National Taiwan University Taiwan President, Chinese Society of Soil and Fertilizer Sciences in Taiwan In Situ Stabilization of Heavy Metals by Cheap Amendments in Contaminated Paddy Fields
  • Longbin Huang The University of Queensland Australia Section Editor, Plant and Soil Coordinating Editor, Environmental Geochemistry and Health Geo-microbial and geochemical processes regulated by biomass and biochar in sulfidic metal mine tailings
  • Changyoon Jeong Louisiana State University USA Long-term application of biochar and biochar-compost mixture on cotton production and nutrient runoff losses
  • Sung Hwa Jhung Kyungpook National University Korea Adsorptive Removal of Hazardous Organics in Liquid-phase with Metal-organic Frameworks
  • Seoktae Kang KAIST Korea Editor, Environmental Engineering Research Editor, Korean Society on Water Environment Overcoming Mass-Transfer Limit in Adsorption and Electro-Oxidation of Micropollutants
  • Ki-Hyun Kim Hanyang University Korea Co-Chair, International Scientific Committee Metal Organic Frameworks and Air Quality Management
  • Taejin Kim Stony Brook University USA Editor, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, Annals of Materials Science and Engineering, Journal of Nanotechnology and Smart materials Fundamental Studies of Furfuryl Alcohol Dehydration Over Bulk and Supported Metal Oxide Catalysts
  • Anna Sophia Knox Savannah River National Laboratory USA Co-Chair, ICHMET 2018 New Approaches for Remediation of Contaminated Sediments/Soils with Chemically Reactive Sequestering Agents
  • Seok-Oh Ko Kyung Hee University Korea Vice Chair, Korean Society of Environmental Engineers Characterization of Road Deposit Sediments as a Nonpoint Source Pollutant and Its Control by Road Sweeping
  • Sandeep Kumar Guru Jambheshwar University India Assistant Professor, Department of Bio and Nanotechnology, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology Nanocarriers as Emerging Platforms for Efficient Pesticide Management
  • Christian Larroche University Clermont Auvergne France Editor, Bioresource Technology Trends and Prospects for Process Assessmentin the Area of Bioenergy Production
  • Sung-Eun Lee Kyungpook National University Korea Editor, Journal of Soils and Sediments PPCPs and their Combinational Toxic Effects in Korean Aquatic Environments
  • Woo-Kyun Lee Korea University Korea BECCS Potential in South Korea: Achieving Negative Emissions based on Bioenergy from Forest Biomass
  • Phillip Longhurst Cranfield University UK Subject Editor, PSEP Disposal and Resource Recovery: Economic, Social and Technical Trade-Offs for the Long-Term Management of Carcasses
  • Huu Hao Ngo University of Technology Sydney Australia Editor, Bioresource Technology Water Waste Bioenergy Nexus
  • Yong Sik Ok Korea University Korea Associate Editor, Environmental Pollution Associate Editor, Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology SMART Biochar Technology: A Shifting Paradigm towards Advanced Materials and Healthcare Research
  • Sang-Eon Park Inha University Korea Editor-in-Chief, Journal of CO2 Utilization CO2 Utilization as Oxygen Source for High Value-added Chemicals
  • Jörg Rinklebe University of Wuppertal Germany Co-Chair, International Organizing Committee
    Associate Editor, Environmental Pollution
    Impact of Biochars on Redox Processes in Metal Contaminated Soils, Sediments and Waters
  • Ho Kyong Shon University of Technology Sydney Australia Forward Osmosis: Simultaneous Wastewater Treatment and Nutrients Recovery and Wastewater by Osmotic Concentration
  • Lin-Bing Sun Nanjing Tech University China Fabrication of Adsorbents by Using Confined Space for Desulfurization and Olefins Capture
  • Filip Tack Ghent University Belgium Co-Chair, International Organizing Committee
    Associate Editor, Science of the Total Environment
    Nutrient Recovery from Bio-digestion Waste
  • Daniel Tsang The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong, China Co-Chair, BEEM 2018 Food Waste Valorization for Value-added Chemicals
  • Yiu Fai Tsang The Education University of Hong Kong Hong Kong, China Editor-in-Chief, Energy and Environment Effects of Personal Care Products on Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes
  • Sunita Varjani Gujarat Pollution Control Board India Editor, Journal of Energy and Environmental Sustainability Microbial Degradation of Xenobiotic Compounds
  • Bo Wang Beijing Institute of Technology China Metal Organic Frameworks for Pollution Control
  • Hailong Wang Foshan University China Editor, Environmental Science and Pollution Research Effect of Feedstock Biomasses on the Efficacy of Biochars for Environmental Remediation
  • Jason Weeks JNCC UK An Overview of Emerging Chemical Risks likely to Impact on the Environment of South Korea
  • Kunio Yoshikawa Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan Associate Editor, Applied Energy Innovative Japanese Technologies for Waste‐to‐Green Product Conversion
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